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                IUVSTA 关于博士生虽然与西蒙交手Welch国际奖学金申音乐下请通知

                2019-4-16 15:02| 发布者: admin| 查看: 1847| 评论: 0|来自: 中国真空学会

                摘要: IUVSTA 关于博士生Welch国际奖学金申请大哥刚把门打开通知(IUVSTA- TheInternationalM.W.WelchScholarshipAward)附件如下:Dear IUVSTA Stake-Holder,Please advertise thisOpportunity for Outstanding Young Scientists to Tra ...

                IUVSTA 关于博士生Welch国际奖学金申请通知
                (IUVSTA- The International M.W. Welch Scholarship Award)

                Dear IUVSTA Stake-Holder,
                Please advertise this Opportunity for Outstanding Young Scientists to Travel and Work at a Foreign Lab, the International M. W. Welch Scholarship Award.   This award will provide $15,000 for a young researcher to travel to and work at a lab in another country.  “Young” is defined as within one year of a PhD, or up to two years after obtaining a PhD.  The duration of the stay is between 3 months and 1 year.   The duration depends upon the cost of living of the location chosen and level of the applicant.   A partial list of laboratories willing to host the awardee can be found here:   .  Note that this list is not exhaustive, and the candidate is welcome to propose any laboratory which is willing to host the stay.
                A link to the application can be found here:   .  It will require uploading a CV, a plan of the research to be done, a letter from the hosting institution, and two reference letters.  The successful candidate will be of outstanding merit and have a research plan which will has significant impact on the candidate’s career. 
                The first application deadline is:  June 15, 2019.

                We are hoping to have many applicants to choose from, so please spread the word about this opportunity far and wide.  Last year we had 7 applicants and the winner was a person who studied in Hong Kong who is now spending three months in the US.  This is an excellent opportunity for young scientists/engineers. 

                 E-mail:  davidneilruzic@gmail.com